A unique documentary dedicated to breaking that goes beyond the athleticism of the art form to show the world what lies behind the physical prowess.

La Résidence reveals the passion of four bboys and one bgirl for dancing and introduces us to what is a true art of living.

The audience enters the world of break dancing through the testimonies of five internationally renowned dancers who have come together for four days in an idyllic setting on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

They simply reveal their life story, their driving force, their motivation, but also their struggles and sufferings. We perceive all the happiness of dancing, sharing, travelling, living together, but also the incomprehension of the world for a life that can sometimes seem light.

Born from the desire of three bboys to find a time, a retreat uniting different breaking actors, La Résidence is imagined as a place of exchange allowing each one to express himself/ herself, evolve and make the other evolve without competition.

Motivated by the desire to share beyond the community, the organisers decided to create a documentary out of this extraordinary experience. They want to question everyone’s preconceived ideas about the world of breaking by exposing its reality.

You will leave this documentary with the deep feeling of having experienced an exceptional time, a moment of introspection…




It’s about passion, sharing, building your own path;

It is finding alignment by freeing oneself from preconceived patterns;

It is discovering life’s beauty in its complexity.