Groove Session offers a unique concept in world highlighting 16 randomly drawn duos and consisting of a child and an adult.
8 world break stars are invited as well as 8 prodigies leaving to 16 amateur dancers the opportunity to qualify and join the guests international.
Groove Session also offers to discover the
Hip-Hop culture through different activities
for the most part free such as internships,
conferences, films or parties.

The coin toss gives all 16 teams an equal chance of winning.

Groove Session, an extraordinary show that will leave you with indelible memories.



Neuchâtel: a Groove student wins the “Session” Mateo Prinz is the big winner of the 2018 Groove Session held on Saturday night in

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Canal Alpha

Hip-hop boiling at the Groove Session

On Saturday evening at the Centre de Vie in Neuchâtel, 120 dancers from all over the world came to compete at the Groove Session. Hip-hop culture was in turmoil and the dancers impressed the audience.

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No other dance event is as intergenerational as the Groove Session in Neuchâtel! Next weekend, an impressive selection of children’s dance prodigies and

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Report during the television news “19h30”, the RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) presents the first edition of Groove Session: 16 of the best international

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