Groove E Session is a new way to battle, to share, to be a spectator but it is always the same PASSION for Breaking.

The innovation is not only found in the 100% online concept, but the first three editions took place 100% live while the fourth offer images of a rare aesthetic quality, each crew having 3 HD cameras as set up.

Groove E Session brings together all the ingredients of a break competition: B-Boys and judges from all over the world; a DJ and a MC in the studio in Neuchâtel, Switzerland;
as well as spectators who can attend the show from the comfort of their homes. The B-Boys dance each at home while being able to see their opponents, which allow them to respond. The public sees the two competitors as well as the judges who rule live from their home.

Join us and be a part of Groove Session

"It’s a really interesting, different take on how we acknowledge our world community in these times. I can’t travel, we all cannot travel but this brings us back to re-inpsire, re-fresh our minds and to stay with art in our brains. We have to keep flowing man, we can’t let it go."
Ken Swift
7 Jam NYC