BRKN ON mixes breakers who have influenced the scene with their longevity and dedication to breaking, with young dancers who still have their careers ahead of them. They come together to share their love of break and its culture for the time of a competition in an environment totally foreign to all. From concrete, to grass, to cardboard, to hotel room floors, the environment has always served to bring out the breakers’ raw potential and showcase their unique skills in dealing with different surfaces and situations. . An attitude at the heart of hip-hop culture. BRKN ON. Live the unexpected!

Unexpected because the b-boys and b-girls gathered for the event do not know who the other participants will be;

Unexpected because the surfaces and places where they will dance are kept secret;

Unexpected because they influence the format and co-create the event;

Unexpected because they live an intense human journey, share deep emotions, their creativity and live the HIP HOP culture.

BRKN ON, the unexpected Deep Trip!

BRKN ON was born from the difficult circumstances, experienced during the COVID period, which pushed the Association to create an extraordinary event. A new concept remaining faithful to the values of inclusion, diversity, proximity of the Association and placing emotion at the center. A concept also faithful to the culture of the station wagon bringing together people from different backgrounds, of different nationalities in order to share and exchange.
The first edition of BRKN ON took place on the water, on Lake Neuchâtel.
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