Tsukki VS Grom | Groove E Session 2020 | Final

Without the shadow of a doubt, these two kids are the best of the planet and offered a high level final as attested by the three world known judges of the battle: Xak, Roxrite and Shlag. At the end, Grom took the three votes and won this first ever Online breaking live battle.

Malish VS Grom | Groove E Session 2020 | Semi Final

2 Russian bboys for this semi final, showing the high level of the Russian breaking scene. The battle was a close one and Grom won by adding his characteristic personal style to the incredible powermoves shown by both bboys.

Grom VS Lil E | Groove E Session 2020 | Quarter

As per magic, Lil E, x years old from x, was able to join us during the Livestream although all the tests connections we did prior failed. Unfortunately for him, Grom, 15 years old from Russia and one of the most talented teenagers on the planet won this quarter.

Malish VS Weapon X | Groove E Session | Quarter

Weapon X looses with 3 votes to nil against bboy Malish, making the hardcore powermoves win over style and finesse. Weapon X, x years old, danced at 9:00 in Arizona while Malish, x years old, at 15:00 in Russia.

Tsukki VS Alexis | Groove E Session 2020 | Quarter

Winner of the last edition of Groove Session in duo with Gieras, bboy Tsukki, 13 years old from Japan, is a master in defying gravity. He won this quarter versus Alexis x years old from xwho, despite his incredible power moves, unfortunately had to endure some technical problems with his internet connection slowing his webcam.